Collaborative Scientific Research Programme

CEFIPRA supports high quality research groups through collaborative research projects in advanced areas of basic and applied science to nurture scientific competency through Collaborative Scientific Research Programme.

Supported areas for collaboration under the programme

As per new pattern in CSRP, for the deadline of Jan. 15th, each year, the priority will be given for thematic areas. Proposals under all identified domains of S & T Areas of CEFIPRA will be received for the deadline of July, 15th, each year provided these are original, collaborative and of high scientific quality.

For the deadline of Jan., 15th each year:

The following are the priority themes for the deadline of 15th Jan., 2019;

  • 2D Materials and their Heterostructures
  • High-throughput Computational Materials Design
  • Genomics approaches to problems addressing Health and Nutrition
  • Host-microbe-Interactions in Health and Agriculture?
  • Biological questions using or developing Mathematical, Computational or Physical approaches
  • Marine Biology and Ecology (including projects on development and evolution)
  • Modeling of Earth Materials at Extreme Conditions
  • Multifunctional Materials and the Underlying Science
  • Exotic States of Materials and Quantum Criticality
  • Biological Chemistry (Chemistry for unravelling the biological process)
  • Biopolymers
  • Catalysis

In addition to the above, proposals under identified domains of S&T as given below will also be considered for the deadline of 15th Jan., 2019.

  • Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Computational sciences
  • Life & health sciences
  • Pure and Applied Physics
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • Earth & Planetary Science
  • Materials Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Water

For the deadline of July, 15th each year:

The identified domains of S&T :

  • Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Computational sciences
  • Life & health sciences
  • Pure and Applied Physics
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • Earth & Planetary Science
  • Materials Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Water

Eligibility to apply

Principal Collaborators and Joint Collaborators (Indian & French) should have permanent position in an Indian or French University/R&D Institution. They should meet national level eligibility criteria with respect to the operation of grants and age of retirement.

Funding support for the projects

  • Manpower (PhD/Post-doctoral/Master students positions for French Partners;
    JRF/SRF/RA/Master students for Indian Partners)
  • Purchase of consumables
  • Travel (International & domestic)
  • Equipment (only to Indian Partners : Minor equipment and accessories which are essential for the project with a limit of max. of 10% of total approved budget of the project (max. 20.000Euros))

Detailed guidelines for funding of projects under collaborative research programme is given as:

Link: (Annexure)

How to apply

  • Submit a Joint Proposal to CEFIPRA specifying the role of the collaborators.

The collaborators must submit a joint concept proposal along with the joint full proposal on web-online submission system of CEFIPRA (URL:

Proposals can be made in any discipline of science and technology, provided they are original, collaborative, formulated on a current topic and of high scientific quality. The research topic chosen must complement the strengths and expertise of the research groups.

The number of participants and their research contribution should be appropriate for the aims of the Indo-French research project and must be reasonably balanced in terms of each country’s participation (on effort, contribution and budget). Each Indo-French collaborative project should clearly demonstrate an added value from their collaboration.

  • At least two scientists, one each from India and France as Principal Collaborators

There cannot be a second Principal Collaborator or Joint Principal Collaborator on either side. The two Principal Collaborators, one each from India and France shall be responsible for implementing the project.

  • Joint Collaborators of the projects

Joint Collaborators, one or more, on both sides are welcome but their contributions to the project may be clearly defined. The Joint Collaborators may be from the same institutions of the respective Principal Collaborators or from other institutions

  • The investigators can be from any academic/research institutions from India and France.

Once project is recommended for support, any change of Principal Collaborator(s) or Joint Collaborator(s) or the institution(s) where the work is carried out should be done with the permission of CEFIPRA.

The French PI is kindly invited to get in touch with the concerned officer of his/her institution about the project proposal that he/she is preparing to submit to the CEFIPRA in order to facilitate the final clearance by the French Government.

Evaluation procedure

  • Pre-selection by the Scientific Council
  • Peer-review in France & India
  • Decision by the Scientific Council in its meeting based on peer review reports & Council’s own judgment

Procedures for the start of project after the recommendation of Scientific Council

  • Acceptance by Governing Body of CEFIPRA
  • Investigators should send signed copy of IP Guidelines of CEFIPRA, which are available on CEFIPRA Web-Site. Indian side should submit the signed copy of check list also for the clearance from Government of India.
  • Sensitivity & Security Clearances by both the Governments
  • Release of funds for first year.

Lead time for project approval

  • From proposal stage to communication of recommendation by Scientific Council- about 6 months
  • From recommendation of Council to Governmental clearance (time may vary)

Submission/implementation of projects under CEFIPRA programmes by same collaborators

If collaborators have submitted/implemented a CEFIPRA project, they can apply again if they fulfil the following conditions:

  • If a scientist is already working in a project under collaborative research programme sanctioned by CEFIPRA as Principal Collaborator (PC) or Joint Collaborator(JC), he/she can not submit another project under same programme as PC or JC.

  • There is no bar in applying for projects under other programmes of CEFIPRA while implementing a project under collaborative research programme and vice-versa.

  • If a scientist apply as a Joint Collaborator or Principal Collaborator in two different project proposals at a time, and in case both the proposals are sanctioned, the scientist must opt for either one of the project.

  • For a group of collaborators who have implemented one project under CEFIPRA programme and want to submit the second project, the following guidelines are applicable.

  1. If the first project is graded excellent or very good, they can submit the second project for consideration immediately after the final presentation of the first project. In other cases a three-year-wait period is required.

  2. Any Scientist who has implemented three projects under CEFIPRA programme as Principal Collaborator, cannot apply for a fourth project.

Restriction other than the above in applying for an Indo-French project

  • Indian and French collaborators are expected to be under service at the time of completion of the project. Scientists close to their superannuation should have a younger joint collaborator in the project proposal.

Expectation of CEFIPRA from its collaborative research projects

  • Excellence in science through collaboration
  • Training of young doctoral/postdoctoral students
  • Joint publications in high impact factor journals with due acknowledgement to CEFIPRA
  • Potential output for knowledge forward chain
  • Long term partnership between the collaborating groups even after completion of the project. Keeping this in mind, CEFIPRA grants additional exchange visit of 15 days each for the Principal Collaborators of the projects graded ‘excellent’ during final review.

The proposals are necessarily required to fulfil the following criteria as per the checklist given below for initial screening & further consideration.

1. The submission date is within the prescribed deadline
2. Submitted both concept proposal and full proposal
3. Joint Proposal Submission Agreement signed by both the Principal Collaborators submitted
4. The proposal received is within the identified fields of Science & Technology, coordinated by CEFIPRA
5. Investigators are from academic/research institutions in India/ France
6. The collaborators have permanent position in an Indian or French University/R&D Institution
7. The total budget is within the limit of 200.000 euros
8. Budget includes cost of International travels/mobility
9. The collaborators are not PIs or Co-PIs of any ongoing projects under Collaborative Scientific Research Programme of CEFIPRA
10. The collaborators are not members of the Governing Body/Scientific Council/ Industrial Research Committee of CEFIPRA
11. Collaborators close to their superannuation have added younger joint collaborator(s) in the project proposal
12. Submitted Certificate for participation in the project from the Head of the institution of the

  1. Indian Principal Collaborator (To mention in the certificate participation as Principal Collaborator from India)
  2. French Principal Collaborator (To mention in the certificate participation as Principal Collaborator from France)
  3. Joint Collaborators, if they are from different institutions of the Principal Collaborators (To mention in the certificate participation as Joint Collaborator(s))
13. Submitted quotations for the equipment applied (offline to CEFIPRA)

Guidelines for implementation of projects under Collaborative Research Programme