Completed projects

S. No. Project Title Project No. PIs
1 Dense Particulate Systems DST-ANR ES 41 Prof. Prabhu Nott
IIS, Bangalore

Dr. Elisabeth Guazzalli
Aix-marseille Univ.CNRS
2 Unravelling New function for H-NS family of proteins in gram negative bacterial pathogens DST-ANR ID 6 Dr. J Gowrishankar
CDFD, Hyderabad

Dr S. Simsky, ENS, France
3 Complex Oxide nano-crystalline systems for chemical sensors DST-ANR ES 25 Dr. D. N. Ventakata Ramani
IIT Bombay
Dr. Antonie Barnabe, Cirimat CNRS
4 Soluble mediators of the immune systems against Aspergillus fumigates DST-ANR ID2 Dr. Arvind Sahu
National centre for cell science

Dr. Taruna Madan Gupta
National institute for research in reproductive health

Dr. Vishnukumar
Aimanianda.institut Pasteur, paris
5 Study of the Association of micro RNA and Mitochondria and their role in regulation of neuronal cell death in Fragile X Tremor Ataxia syndrome ( FXTAS) DST-ANR 2014/ Neuro 1/ FXTAS Dr. Rajesh Singh
The M.S. University of Baroda

Dr. N. Charlet Berguerand
6 Self-Sorting donar and acceptor assemblies DST-ANR2014 Engg-1/ SODA Dr. Suhrit Ghosh
IACS, Kolkata

D. Philippe Mesini
Institut Charles Sadron