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About the programme

Industry-Academia Research & development Programme(IARDP) formerly named as Industrial Research Programme (IRP) of Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) was launched in 2002 to support collaborative research programme involving Industry & Academia of both the countries. It has worked as an enabling platform for the organizations in India & France to realize their potential in terms of product and process development. It has facilitated innovation, risk taking for Industries and also bringing the private industry, public institutions and the government under one roof to promote the research and innovation between India & France. The projects supported under the programme have resulted in prominent outcomes in the form of some products which have already come to the market and some promising research leads seeing ray of hope for commercialization.


To promote linkages between Industry and Academia of France and India by leveraging the research skills of Academia to enhance the competitiveness of the Industrial partner involve.


To promote the development of new processes or products or the improvement of existing processes or products, thus offering the industrial partners an enhanced competitiveness at the international level.

Thrust area

All the areas of technology of interest to the Industry


The project proposals that can be submitted in the framework of this programme should preferably involve at least one industrial partner and one research institute each from India & France (2+2 Model).

However, project proposals not fulfilling this 2+2 model are also eligible (at least one industrial partner either in France or in India and a research institute from the other country) but the proposal documents clearly justify the situation not fulfilling this 2+2 model. Further, the scope of work and responsibilities of each participating partner in the project proposal must be highlighted.

The proposals must be innovative and industry-driven towards the development or substantial improvement of new products, processes, etc.

Eligibility for academic collaborator

Principal Collaborators and Joint Collaborators have to hold a permanent position as scientists/ Faculty members in universities/ deemed universities, academic institutes and national research and development laboratories/institutes.

Duration and support

  1. The duration of the solution-driven proposals should be maximum for 3 years
  2. Support will be given up to Euro 200.000. Outstanding proposals may be considered outside this range as exceptional case

Allowable cost

Following are the allowable cost for support

For Indian institute collaborator

  1. Manpower Head (Budget is as per CEFIPRA rate)
  2. Consumables & Contingency
  3. Equipment
  4. Travel ( Budget is as per CEFIPRA rate)

For French institute collaborator

  1. Manpower Head (Budget is as per CEFIPRA rate)
  2. Consumables & Contingency
  3. Travel (As per CEFIPRA rate)

For Industry, SME, MSME and Start up (both India & France)

For big industry collaborators (Both India & France)

Travel ( Budget is as per CEFIPRA rate)

For small industry collaborators i.e SME, MSME and Start-up (both India & France)

  1. Manpower Head (Budget is as per CEFIPRA rate)
  2. Travel (As per CEFIPRA rate)

Industries involved in the project are expected to invest in R & D activities in cash and or in kind. The proposal should detail the investment planned by industries for the project.

Detailed guidelines for funding

The budget estimate should be as realistic as possible. The maximum quantum of budget for the project can vary upto a maximum of Euros 200.000 for the entire duration of the project, for both the sides together. Estimate should be justified with the scientific objectives of the project.

The year-wise break-up of the budget should be in conformity with the phase-wise break-up of the project activities given in the work plan. The budget will be released to the institutions / industries of the corresponding collaborators. The budget should be consolidated institution/ industry-wise.

Student/Post-doc to work in the laboratories of the collaborators in India & France

For Indian side, the salary applicable for JRF/SRF/RA has been adopted by CEFIPRA as per DST norms. The total amount including fellowship, social security, travel and other charges provided for Post-doc fellow for 2 years or doctoral student for 3 years is Euros 60.000 for French side. Fellowships for PhD student will be 1300 Euros per month and for Post-doc, it will be 1850 Euros per month. Please do not include salaries / wages of the regular staff of the institutions where the research is to be carried out, as these will not be paid or reimbursed by CEFIPRA.

The fellowship and social security charges for Indian students working in French Lab will be routed through Campus France. Renewal of carte de séjour and other University charges will be reimbursed to the students by CEFIPRA through Campus France. After one year of appointment in the French Lab, Indian students are allowed to visit Indian PIs Lab for one month. CEFIPRA will bear the travel cost and will provide Rs. 15,000/- as remuneration.

For French students working in French Lab, the sanctioned salary component will be transferred to the concerned French institution which has to take care of fellowship and all other related expenses of the students from the total amount, Euros 60.000.

List of possible candidates for post-doc/doctoral positions is posted on CEFIPRA web-site so that PIs of CEFIPRA projects could utilise it for the selection of desired candidates, if available in the list.

Support for equipment

The equipment available in the institutions of the Principal/Joint Collaborators must be used for the project activities. However, any equipment which are essential for the project and not available in the institutions concerned may be included in the budget of Indian Collaborators. No equipment support is provided to French side.

Recurring expenses: consumables and contingency

Cost of Consumables, domestic travel, contingency & other miscellaneous expenses are covered.

International travel for the collaborators in India & France

Project related to International travel from India to France and France to India would be supported. Visits, for a duration less than two working weeks are not encouraged. Principal Collaborators/ Joint collaborators of the projects are not allowed to avail more than two visits without proper justification.