Seminars/Workshops/Training Schools

CEFIPRA organises seminars/workshops/Training Schools in topics of current relevance and interest to both India and France in the areas of Science &Technology. Such events help in initiating interactions among scientists and technologists of the two nations and are expected to result in collaborative research projects.

For a seminar to be organised under CEFIPRA

  • Involvement of at least 4-5 leading groups from different institutions of both the countries
  • Involvement of the young scientists of the hosting country as a part of the attendees is encouraged
  • Participants are expected to be present during entire duration of the seminar
  • Seminar can be either held in India or in France

Seminars/Workshops/Training Schools organised in India and France should be almost equal in number with equal weightage if organised in France or India.

Financial Support

  • Financial support is provided for domestic and international travel and logistics arrangements relevant to the event.
  • The budget estimate should be realistic as possible. The budget estimate can vary upto a maximum of 25 K euros ( approx. 20 lakhs).

The following are necessary for submission of proposals of seminars/workshops

  • Seminar proposal must be jointly submitted by a French and an Indian coordinator
  • There can be maximum 25-30 participants from the host country and 10-15 participants from the other country

The proposals for Seminars/Workshops/Training Schools under CSRP (Academia-Academia) are received for the deadlines of January 15th and July 15th each year.

The proposals for Seminars/Workshops under IARDP (Industry-Academia) are received for the deadlines of February 1st and July 1st each year.


Link: List of Seminars & Workshops